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If your mom had a ton of inventory and didn’t sell it… then that’s her own fault! She had the opportunity, she was given the tools, she just didn’t do it. Some people have the drive and the passion and the williness to succeed and some don’t.

  • My only gripe with this issue is that MK consultants are not truthful when they say “MK does not test on animals.” Yes they do.
  • Thank you for advice and for your generosity with your time and knowledge.
  • I sort of like the offensive tactic of the pink army invading hostile states and using their recruiting training to induce the hostile leaders to mend their ways or their wives will become consultants.
  • so with that said, I would rather be safe than sorry.
  • I would change it from -15 to 2 and then go back and it would still show -15.
  • You can buy into the “pink bubble” brainwashing if you want, but just be aware of the truth.

For 45 years MK has been trashed, given a bad reputation and had many people try to “expose” them. The reason they are still successful – easy they have put God first. The bible says – no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Easy Ways To Promote Your Mary Kay® Personal Website Legally

360 product ratings – Mary Kay TimeWise Night And Day Solution Set. U.S. cosmetics maker Mary Kay chases Avon in Eastern Europe. Gardenuity, the new Dallas-based startup, is the first to marry direct selling and technology to make gardening easy for busy professionals. The company, cofounded by Donna Letier, who some call the Mary Download Mary Kay APK for Android Kay of Gardening, has developed a digital app to quickly personalize any home garden plan based on preferences, season, location, and more.

good for you, how long have you been a consultant? And please explain the last sentence, it really makes no sense – I just told the customer I was collecting to become active – what? My wholesale/retail career salesperson mind finds this tactic very interesting.

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I also agree that this sort of consulting is not for everyone just like any other jobs out there are not meant for everyone. I do stand by the Mary Kay Products, for the products are wonderful!!!! Anyone can be a success at anything if they put the effort, time,, energy and stay positive and become creative in your selling technique, be loyal, honest and get to know your customers. Mary Kay’s myCustomers+ app acts as a virtual assistant for its beauty consultants, who can leverage the mobile tool to access digital inventory and enhance face-to-face transactions with buyers. I am actually baffled that woman actually believe that they will have a successful business without having goods to sell.


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